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Canada Red Flowering Cherry

Prunus virginiana 'Shubert'

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A very hardy ornamental tree with early green leaves becoming maroon in late spring. Fragrant, white, spring flowers are followed by sweet purplish red fruit in summer. Excellent bird food. Canada Red is a very reliable tree for use in areas with extremely difficult conditions. It tolerates very cold, heat, wind, poor soil and fluctuating temperatures. A perfect choice for mountain towns, open prairies, farms & ranches. Often used on commercial developments, golf courses, parks and open spaces, yet it also makes a very attractive ornamental tree for city yards.
Hardy to -40°F
Maximum Elevation: 9,000 Feet

CANADA RED CHERRY -Summer  ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
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  • CANADA RED CHERRY -Spring ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • Canada Red Cherry -Spring
  • Canada Red Cherry -Summer
  • CANADA RED CHERRY- Early Summer  ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • CANADA RED CHERRY -Summer  ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • CANADA RED CHERRY ©outline by ArborTanics Inc.
  • Canada Red Cherry-7 gal pots...©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • Canada Red Cherry-15 gal pots...©photo ArborTanics Inc.
Tree Habit Round, Arching Branches
Mature Size (generic) TREE (20-30' Tall) • Average WIdth
Fall Color Subtle
Features Showy Flowers
Flowering Season Spring
USDA Hardiness Zone 3, 4, 5
Water Needs Moderate
Growth Rate Moderate
Light Needs Partial Sun, Full Sun
Mature Height 20-30 Feet
Mature Width 15-20 Feet
Name Canada Red Flowering Cherry

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