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Crimson Spire™ Columnar Oak

Quercus robur 'Crimschmidt'

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Product Description

An excellent choice for narrow spaces. Crimson Spire® is most useful as a reliable privacy screen where space is limited. The lovely, dark green foliage turns to spectacular shades of red in autumn on this columnar shaped tree. The leaves will turn brown and many will persist through the winter.
This is a strong wooded tree that grows moderately fast. Crimson Spire® will withstand high winds much better than softer wooded narrow trees. The leaves are thick and lustrous and don't seem to be prone to insect infestation. A long lived tree that will provide many years of enjoyment.
Available in either a low-branched form or with the branching higher up.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 Feet

CRIMSON SPIRE® OAK  (high branched for streetscape)  ©photo David Spahn
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  • Crimson Spire Oak (low branching )Privacy Screen
  • Crimson Spire Oak -Summer
  • CRIMSON SPIRE® OAK  (high branched for streetscape)  ©photo David Spahn
  • Crimson Spire Oak -Spring Flower
  • CRIMSON SPIRE® OAK ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • CRIMSON SPIRE® Oak ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
  • Crimson Spire Oak -Fall
  • CRIMSON SPIRE® OAK ©photo ArborTanics Inc.
Tree Habit Narrow, Upright
Mature Size (generic) TREE (30-50' Tall) • Narrow or Columnar
Fall Color Dramatic
Features Grown For Attractive Foliage
Flowering Season Spring
USDA Hardiness Zone 4, 5, 6, 7
Water Needs Moderate
Growth Rate Moderate
Light Needs Full Sun
Mature Height 35-45 ft.
Mature Width 12-15 ft
Name Crimson Spire™ Columnar Oak

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