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About Our Plants

Plant Sizes and Containers
Our plants are sold in a variety of sizes and containers. From tiny one inch plugs all the way up to large B&B trees that require heavy machinery to move. To help make sense of all the lingo you might encounter, here are descriptions of how our plant and container sizes, and how they can affect which plants you choose.
  • Pot Size
  • Pots use a numbering system that classifies each size based on volume equivalent. When we refer to a #5, this means a 5 gallon container; however, this does not mean the actual volume is 5 gallons, it simply refers to the "trade size", or how we reference each size in easily to understand increments. Please don't use plant containers for measurement, as actual volume will vary between different pots and manufacturers.

  • Tree Caliper
  • When looking at the size description for deciduous trees, you will often see a measurement such as 1 1/4". This refers to the tree's caliper, which is the diameter of the trunk 6 inches above the ground. The most common caliper sizes you will find at The Tree Farm range from 1"-3", in increments of 1/4".

  • Evergreen Trees
  • When it comes to evergreens, measuring the tree's caliper can be difficult because of the thick branches and prickly needles. Because of this, we measure these trees based on their height in 1/2 foot increments. In the case of dwarf evergreens, we measure these trees based on their width in inches. So while we might describe a Colorado Blue Spruce as a 4-5 foot tree, we might describe a Montgomery Spruce as a 24 inch wide dwarf tree.

  • B&B
  • B&B stands for Ball and Burlap and refers to how the root ball of the plant is contained. B&B plants are dug from the ground and must have their root balls wrapped and contained so they don't fall apart. These B&B plants may or may not also have a wire basket to keep the root ball secure.


Our Selection
The Tree Farm has always been recognized as having a terrific selection of plants. Our variety of plants is diverse and we carry various sizes. Don't be intimidated with the thought that you have to buy a big tree. While we do keep a selection of large trees available, we have many sizes that are just right for the average home gardener.
Our Growers
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